Buddha Bowls


Brown Rice
1 c dry brown rice
2 c water
Drizzle olive oil
Pinch salt

Put all ingredients in pot.
Heat over medium until just boiling, then reduce heat to medium low and cover.
Cook for 20 mins or until water is absorbed.

Turmeric peanut sauce
1/2 c peanut butter
1/2 t garlic powder
1 t turmeric
2 T agave syrup
1 T Tamari
1 t sugar
1 squirt sriracha
3 drops sesame oil
hot water

put pb, garlic powder, turmeric, agave, tamari, sugar, sriracha, and sesame oil in a medium bowl.
slowly add hot water (a few tablespoons at a time) and stir until sauce is smooth.
use more water to achieve desired thickness.
I like to put this sauce in a squirt bottle, so I make it thin enough to pour through a funnel.

Roasted Curry Vegetables
red cabbage (fresh)
corn (frozen)
broccoli (either)
cauliflower (either)
carrot (fresh)
olive oil
garam masala
curry powder

preheat 400
roughly chop larger vegetables, and spread on foil lined cookie sheet.
drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat.
sprinkle generously with spices and salt.
roast for 10 minutes, then stir and roast for 10 more until veg starts to brown around edges. Make the chick peas while they roast.

Sweet Paprika Chick Peas
1/2 c pineapple juice
1 can chick peas, drained
1 t paprika

in small pan, heat juice over high heat.
toss in chick peas and paprika, and boil liquid until evaporated, leaving reddish coating on the peas.
salt to taste.

Buddha Bowls, ASSEMBLE!
scoop 1/2 c cooked rice into bowl, then top with chick peas and vegetables.
add a generous squirt of peanut sauce

toasted sesame seeds

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