“Original Recipe” Tofu

Flour/Spice Mix:

2 c flour
1/2 T dried thyme
1/2 T dried basil
1/3 T oregano
1 T celery salt
1 T black pepper
1 T dried mustard
4 T paprika
2 T garlic salt
1 T ground ginger
3 T white pepper

Freeze 2 packages of tofu overnight (leave them sealed). The next day, thaw them on a tea towel on the counter, then bust them open and squeeze out most of the water – the tofu should be very sponge-like.

Tear, don’t cut, the tofu into desired pieces. Tearing makes the surface rough and craggy which helps the stuff adhere.

Set out three bowls, one with cornstarch, one with a well-whisked mixture of Vegg, vegan sour cream, and water (this mimicks a buttermilk/egg mixture, so you want it to be about as thick as a heavy cream), and one bowl with your flour/spice mix.

Dredge the tofu in the cornstarch, then “buttermilk,” then the flour mix. You can also go back into the “buttermilk” and add another layer or flour mix for an extra thick and crispy coating.

Deep fry in small batches until golden brown and crispy.

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